About Our Business
Salamanda Plumbing is named for my children Salvatore &
Amanda. We are a small family owned business that give a
lot of attention to our customers, we treat them like family.
We perform quality work.

have over 32 years of experience. I started in
Plumbers Local union #1 in Manhattan in 1985 out
of high
school working
, and attending a federally approved trade
school. I was quickly promoted to foreman for one of the
biggest companies in Manhattan
, and working on high rise

So I was schooled, have extensive experience in blue
print reading, have worked on multi
-million dollar projects
as a team leader, and I have absorbed knowledge I could not
get anywhere else. I thank all the men who taught me what I
, and have helped me to go on to become a Licensed
Master Plumber
LIC NO. 12026